US "Motorvision" review of the 340

US guy with a very deep voice introduces the 340 in typical "hollywood movie trailer" style with some interesting background music. Also goes into the Eibach spring manufacture.... interesting. I love the end qoute on this piece: "This rare sports car should increase more in value than the best stock portfolio". This clip is courtesy of and lots more esprit and a few elise US movies can be found there as well.



okay, these aren't 340r movies but you HAVE to check them out if you have a fast connection:

these 2 are of test driver Stefan driving a (presumably 200mph+) RUF 911 around the Nurburgring. The first one is the best as it has exterior car shots as well. You won't believe this bloke and his crazy high speed sideways antics !!!!! A rare treat. These are courtesy of and many great movies can also be found here.

This is an 177bhp Msport elise round the ring but the great thing is that there's a Corvette in front of him and in the twisty sections he catches it and toys with the fat American lump. Best of all is the driver, shots of his face laughing and clearly enjoying the supreme cornering ability of the car.

Here are lots of great ring movies from There are a lot of bike movies but a number of car and car/bike files (some in real player as well). Highlights include a split screen composite of a lap from the PC game Grand Prix Legends (best ever racing simulation by far) and a Porsche GT3 doing the real thing. Also, go back to the bike section and don't miss the Yamaha R1 vs. GT3 movie !


Jims movies

Loads of movies at jimbocam, jims a 340r & elise owner and regular track attendee... don't miss this one:


MORE 340 movies

these courtesy of
2 small in car mpeg clips (about 1 mb each) from Bedford Autodrome (with audio).


340r top gear movie

Tiff gives the 340 some stick at Kemble....

2mb .mov file 120x92 - quicktime 3 or higher needed

you can click on the link to bring the movie up in a page but best to right click the link then choose SAVE AS so you can save the movie and resize it in movieplayer.

The Jackals Racetrack 1998 Richard Morris