My 340r - no. 288

I'm not into pretty sports cars, never have been. I like nasty cars, mean cars, Batmobiles, cars that mean business.The Lotus Carlton, Lancer EVO 5's and 6's, the esprit sport 300, 993 RS, Integrales, and of course the extraordinary 340r. These machines have beauty but through a kind of ugliness, an ultra-puposefulness born partly out of design which accommodates their function: huge aggressive wheels packing out colossal wheelarches, big air intakes, dams and grills and of course, outrageous rear wings. Naturally, these cars all display phenomenal handling and are landmarks in one way or another - they proudly possess that ultimate drivers car kudos in addition to having the eye-popping visuals. Cult cars.... perhaps ?


Well I've really gone and done it this time - this car has no roof, no doors, no heater, no radio, is top insurance group, is louder than Concorde and runs on slicks. Its my 4th Lotus after almost 10 years of ownership and yet its the most impractical and potentailly the most troublesome.

Just proves that I haven't lost the bug after all this time. Quite the opposite - this is the most extreme Lotus ever, certainly the most extreme reincarnation of the elise yet and arguably the most extreme vehicle ever to make type approval and become road legal. Given future stringent laws on road safety the 340 is unlikely to be ever outdone just for sheer visual madness and track spec. personality. The Queen's highway may never witness anything quite like it, ever again !

There are a few sites out there that give you all the proper info on this car if its all new to you. Go to my links section or straight to Peter's site.

The Jackals Racetrack 1998 Richard Morris