So here I am on the search for a nice 488 GTB. The Spider I borrowed recently really won me over in all departments and with the F12 now having done 4 roadtrips and 11,000 miles in the first 16 months, it's time to search out a new toy for 2019 adventures and beyond. I go to see the Rosso Fiorano car and whilst it's a lovely shade and something different and sophisticated with a stunning tan interior to boot, it is a little too serious for me and not quite the sort of vibe I want. The 488 is a car that changes it's look so much depending on colour and the spec of carbon or black vs. body coloured parts; it's very important to see a really wide range of cars to get an idea of exactly what you like.



At the same dealer I glance over a couple of Rosso Corsa cars. Now I do like red Ferraris but somehow these examples with their silver rims and colour coded sills have a dated or too classic look about them. That's the way I went with the F12 but this time I'm after a modern fresher persona.



They also have a really nice Speciale there. Now I know the Spesh pretty well of course. I've partnered one on roadtips and and have driven them a few times too. I ponder over the numbers and how the car might fit in vis a vis a 488 but the truth is, at the point I'm at in my life, the more modern car suits my needs much better.

We all love the limited run cars, the rarity, the specialiness, the extra degree of feel and driver appeal but the cynic in me these days is perhaps not quite such a believer as many others. Whilst they might offer the highest high on a particular road at a particular time, they cost more, are more mileage sensitive, encourage you to mothball rather than rag, and over a wide band of all sorts of real world driving the regular car will often be a better all round bet. The 488 also happens to be way way faster and looks just as sexy if not better from some angles. I am collector of experiences rather than cars and I want a vehicle which will serve my roadtrips with uninhibited usage and the minimum of stress. Give me warranty, freedom from MOT's, breakdown cover, free servicing and a fuss free clean exit strategy. Give me the new car that is just as superb down the village high street as it is on a mountain pass.



Next up was a beautiful 2018 Grigio Titanio car. This was well spec'd and had a gorgeous leather interior with the Daytona race seats and leather headlining. It was very classy in the metal but I just couldn't bring myself to buy another silver Ferrari. Someone will get a lovely example with this one.




So back to the classifieds and I spy this gorgeous 2018 yellow beast with just 53 delivery miles, every conceivable carbon option, Goldrake race seats and up for sale at an Aston dealer who thankfully happen to be part of the Graypaul Group. Yellow is my signature colour and is always tempting for me and the pictures are drawing me in in no uncertain terms.


On the viewing I'm literally smitten in the first 5 seconds. It's mine.

This 488 has a fun, flash look and feels a lot more racecar than many of the 488 i've seen. Perfect for a tour car. The carbon sills pinch the side profile and make it look more angular and the carbon intake splitters give it more of a motorsport look as well. The interior works very well; I'm a sucker for the half alcantara option and the charcoal I love but probably would not have been brave enough to spec myself.

This 488 was ordered by an elderly gentleman and I reckon he had a good eye and he knew what he was doing. Sad then that he never actually drove it and it was literally transported to his garage then back to the dealer after he realised he was a little too old to get in and out easily. He clearly wasn't limited by budget given all the carbon and the fact that it's a £256k car so it's easy to deduce that he chose the cheaper rims as opposed to the diamond cut versions because he felt they suited the car better. I wholeheartedly agree; the more motorsport, less blingy 5 spoke design look a little smaller in the arches and work so well with the rest of the car.

There's not really much else to add. As luck would have it I had a road trip booked for the week after I took collection. It was a squeeze getting the PPF done in time but 4 days after pickup everything was ready and I took the yellow beast straight to Folkestone for a week in the French Alps. The best thing is the GTB drives quite a bit differently to the Spider, a lot more serious and driver orientated I'd say so has so far exceeded all expetations by some margin. More on that later though.


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