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Santander - Santiago de Compostelo - Braganca - Porto - Castelo Branco - Madrid


The dreaded ferry. Low rent travel and sub-Butlins entertainment.

Two attention seeking twats arrive in Santander.

Gorgeous Sole and Anchovies in my favvourite Santander restaurant Posada Del Mar.

Double banana get soooo much attention.

You're welcome ... anytime !

Joined by therest of the gang halfway across the top of Spain.

We brought Santiago to a standstill.

Off for dinner.

Yeah, it's fucked .... £237,000 down the swanny.

Would we go anywhere else ?

An hour with these chaps. Decent blokes and we made them laugh.

One less Bambi in Portugal.

Bulls in Braganca.

More great food.

Northern Portugal.

Villa Real, just after the huge bridge.

48th coffee/coke stop.

Dinner at Porto. The food here was wonderful.

Down to the country.

En route to Castelo Branco. Amazing local food once again.

Yep, I count 4 wheels.

Views and more views.

Our petrol station at Castelo Branco.

Making friends, wherever you go.

Paying tribute to the 488 GTB, a perhaps misunderstood car which I now truly understand and am indeed indebted to. Forget what came before, forget what others may have said, forget the slightly cynical carrot dangling of the halo cars, if you’ve driven one as hard as I have and used it in a wide range of conditions and roles in the way I have, then you’ll know that the 488 is an utter modern day masterpiece and simply wants for nothing. It doesn’t need more camber, it doesn’t need an NA engine, it doesn’t need a better soundtrack, it doesn’t need more curb appeal, it doesn’t need more Ferrari “dna”. It just IS.



The Jackals Racetrack http://www.jackals-forge.com/lotus 1998 Richard Morris