M003 - Part 2

I am writing this retrospectively in July 2015. I actually picked my car up in the middle of may. It did take a lot longer than I thought but the main thing was, I took delivery of it in time for my big annual road trip. Here is an update of the latter stages of the build process ... the new roof skin, blending it into the original shell, the installed cage (this was attempted 3 separate times to get the fit just right) and then the painting process.

The loom was stripped back and massively reduced to clubsport spec. A lot of wiring is removed for the clubsport. As well as the bare metal interior and clubsport seats, the dashboard is completely different and even the instrument binnacle has a few odd changes to it. Manual window winders, manual door locks and even the motorised rockers in the wing mirrors were removed and replaced for manual ones.














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