Duratec-R R500



Award-winning Duratec powered R500 spec Caterham Duratec R. A very honest car .... its history having been documented extensively online and treasured by true caterham enthusiast.


One of the first ever, if not the first, Duratec powered Caterhams, beautifully built by Mick Atree in late 2002

R500 rolling chassis with all the top of the range goodies + a powerful yet very unstressed 225bhp spec dry sumped 2.0 HE Duratec engine. A sensational car with so much chuckability and grunt. Only Radicals, Jades and full on 700bhp GT2 race cars come past & at around 515kg mark it will easily keep up with 260+ bhp SV's & CSR's, 240bhp westfields etc..

This car has been faultless and the engine completely bulletproof with huge low end torque, great revability yet impecable manners and supremely cool running temperatures. I can give it no greater praise when I state that it has brought me some of the most pleasurable days of my entire life and completely worry free as well. Billet centre rims, a full cage, dry sump, full logging & race springs means that compared to your stock R cars its one step on as the perfect trackday tool,but with the grunt of the duratec it also could also be converted to a stunning fast road caterham in a negligible amount of workshop time.

An unlucky incident at Spa last autumn has meant a winter rebuild for comparativley minor damage... a new long front at Arch Motors being the only chassis repair, most of the other stuff largely cosmetic, professionally assembled by Redline at Caterham. It is therefore, outwardly, a *brand new car* and in showroom, as new condition. New owner gets the privelidge of blessing it with its first stonechips ! The car has also just had a full 2 hour pre-trackday inspection and spanner check performed up at Ratrace (completed on 3rd march).

To spec up a series 3 Duratec powered car like this today would cost in excess of 34k and just in case numbers and big BHP are your thing (although i doubt it will make you go much quicker on track), there's always the option to easily & very cost effectively convert the 2.0 to a 280bhp 2.3 with a new block, rods and pistons (the head and cams are already up to spec).



originally 2002 Full R500 spec
2.0 litre Duratec 220+, 7600rpm engine build by Mick Atree
remapped razor sharp by Steve Greenald only 1 trackday ago
Carbon front and rear wings
carbon indicator pods
carbon dash
carbon sill protectors
Dual race aeroscreens
R500 aerofoil wishbones
big brakes
undriven mango orange paint
black pack
full race SLR cage
Rial 7J/8J split rims + ultra strong Billet Centre rears for motorsport use with slicks
4 into 1 exhaust R500 titanium silencer
MXL Pista Digital LCD dash with 8mb logging
Custom ergonomic Dash layout with bespoke switches and LED's
bespoke indicator buttons on steering wheel
quick release suede momo steering wheel
R500 carbon effect leather tunnel top
carbon Kevlar tillet seats
battery cut off switch
5 speed pro road and track BGH gearbox
ally fuel filler
4 point harness's
quick rack
FIA approved rollcage padding
215/250 lb race springs
M0 Bilstein dampers
Second set of 6" silver minator rims
3 sets of tyres
Various spares, belts/sensors etc...
5300 miles (~3k under my ownership)

Engine spec.
2.0 Litre duratec
Jenvey throttle bodies
head ported and polished and matched throttle bodies
220bhp cams
Vernier Pullies
uprated valve springs and retainers
crank keyway
pocketed pistons
ARP bigend bolts and flywheel bolts
titan ultra light flywheel
ap clutch
pace dry sump
hydraulic clutch
MBE ecu

NEW PARTS from the winter rebuild:

New sideskin and rear skin
New Immaculate Mango Orange paintwork
New powder coated flat engine bay panel
New powder coated Scuttle backing
Newly powder coated SLR race cage
New R500 aerofoil wishbones
New front offside corner consisting of stub axle,damper, hub/bearings, wingstay
New quick Steering Rack
New front anti roll bar
New Dedion tube
New headlights
New Billet centre rear Rial rims (£475 each !!!) and one new front 7J Rial split rim
New "7" radiator grill
New engine/diff/gearbox oil
New drivers seatbelt
New rear brake pads
New drivers Kevlar seat
New rear boot cover
New Spa side mirrors
Nearly new titanium silencer (under 500 miles)
New coolant, brake fluid, fuel filter, oil filter etc..
New Pipercross air filter
New banner battery

~9k spent over the winter !




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