Austria 2017



2000+ mile mini trip to Bavaria and Austria

route files here





evening crossing


parked up at Epernay just outside Reims


The heart of Champagne region


Swiss 488, chance encounter


Meeting up with the Performante in Waldshut


Steak on stone


Leaving the Black Forest


996 car wash


rounding lake Constance


Fuel stop at the end of the lake


entering Austria








The Silvretta pass


Bond would be proud




Stopping for teh night by the beautiful lake Schliersee in Bavaria


Beautiful Bavaria


Autumn colours in Austria and clear blue sky


Rossfeldstrasse and Berchtesgaden


Watching the sun go down at Salzburg


Saturday night


Late starts and heavy heads


Back into the mountains




Safe and sound at Innsbruck






Gorgeous Innsbruck


German border Police and some rogue Lambos from Luxembourg


Lamborghini Munich, chance to poke around the new HP




The Jackals Racetrack 1998 Richard Morris