DORKING MAGISTRATES (dont know the date - I'd rather forget ~ sometime in July 99)

Picked the car up on a lovely sunny saturday morning from B&C after its 1000 mile service. Obviously had to stretch the engine a little but unfortunately tried it all out at the wrong place. A30 to Horsham with a traffic cop on a pike parked somewhere in the trees. Long road, very wide and great visibility - 2 lanes either side separated by a large grass central reservation.
91.5 in a 60mph - nice copper but he reckoned that I was doing well over 110 off the roundabout so he said that he couldn't just give me a warning. Summons to Dorking Mags. Suit on, speech prepared by professional lawyer, upheld the Lotus philosophy and all that and explained the bit about the uprated cross-drilled brakes therefore stopping power very good if child runs out onto a busy Motorway etc.........................
no ban but £830 fine and 6 points


Haven't sped since (not in UK in any case). Simply not an option.

The Jackals Racetrack 1998 Richard Morris