2015 Montrachet Tour


A massive success this one. 2500+ miles around the Verdon Gorge, Cevennes national park, the Pyrenees and a grat days wine tour in Burgundy. It's never long enough and I can't wait till next year. It was great to have a little bit of Italian with us this year and the smaller numbers (6 of us) worked really really well. Amazing holiday, great food and wine, incredible roads and drives, memorable scenery and it's just so liberating to laugh your arse off for 8 days on the trot with a great bunch of guys.

The 993 drove amazingly. The welded cage has transformed the handling. More information transmitted through the car, the steering is more direct and in extremis the car is just even more benign, predictable and planted than ever before. Amazing .... possibly teh single best mod to the 993 yet !

Enjoy the move and the pics. Don't forget the HD quality setting on youtube.




Vimeo version here

route files here



DAY1 - D996 to Montrachet

Rainy as ever in Blighty

Taking on the hour long D996 in northern France

Good spread of colour this year.

Pretty Hotel in Chagny if a little dated inside.


DAY2 - Burgundy Wine Tour

The Grand Cru Montrachet Vineyards and looking toward Puligny Montrachet.

A few quid's worth !

White Burgundy tasting ... yum !

Ground zero as far as the best wine in the world is concerned.

Lovely meal that evening in Puligny.


DAY3 - across the western Alps

Pitstop for Strawberries.

Lunch by the fountain.

Discussing early driving notes.

Time to look at the view.

More lunch stops.

Evening out in Digne.


DAY4 - Verdon Gorge

Leaving the parking at Digne.

Me and Malc take the gorge.

The others pose at the bridge.

Wow !

The power and the glory.

Some hotel by a big lake somewhere ... resting those feet.





DAY5 - Cevennes

Discussing shorter route options because it was so damm hot !

The scud leaving the cool of the garage.

Lunch @ Arles

More swimming.

The forecourt at L'Hospitalet just outside Cevennes.

A room with a view.




DAY6 - Millau and Gorge du Tarn

Fixing a grounded 996.





DAY 7 - Andorra and the N152


Rain prompts a pitstop.

Parked up at Berga.



DAY 8 - Spanish Pyrenees


Figols de Tremp

the most amazing road .... one of the very best i've ever driven, anywhere

Treacherous rain, falling rocks .... the works

Into the clouds.




DAY 9 - French Pyrenees

The route de Tourmalet.

Tour awards and debrief in Tolouse.



DAY 10 - D996

They were being nosy - no fines and no bollocking either.

Au revior but see you very soon for the Nordshleife.



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