Brands indy 10th Feb

The morning in the evo then at lunchtime I whizzed home and came back in the 340r literally driving from the M25 straight onto the circuit. It was great to compare both cars and at the end of the day I had a hard time deciding which car was more fun round the track. I was faster in teh 340r (after i recovered from my spin at Druids that is, and stopped trying to drive it like a rally car !) but I was at the limit pretty much at every bend in the Lancer with the tyres squealing and the car squirming and sliding about all over the place ... far more exploitable and hooliganised and a hell of a lot of fun. But the 340r requires so much more of you .. a far better car to learn how to drive in.

Ultimately, this day helped decide exactly what i wanted to do with my cars this year. I knew that I needed a proven and heavily track biased car and at this stage it was a choice between keeping eth 340r or modifying a new Evo6 RS2. When the day ended I had certainly decided for once and for all that my 340 days were truly over and although I conspired to build a monster Lancer for the circuit, things ended differently when I went for a test drive at Caterham cars. Click the test drive link to learn exactly why I parted with the 340 and also set the evo to one side in favour of an SLR.


The first clip (5.2mb, Divx codec) is courtesy of, a very good caterham related site with lots of good trackday movies and plenty from this day alone... well worth a visit. This mere 160bhp Caterham easily has the legs on me esp. on the straight after Graham Hill bend. By the way, whatever you do don't ever copy my line into paddock here, I dont know what the hell I was doing and don't remember gooning around like this - I can only infer that I had joined the track that lap from the pits.

Second clip (~ 1mb) is me gunning down the straight in eth EVO up to around 120mph before braking for Paddock. Had quite a good dice with the Exige there, we both let eachother pass on different sessions.

The Jackals Racetrack 1998 Richard Morris