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Click and collect Jan 2021

My first week with the GR ...


Quick, call an Italian Midwife  Dec 2020

My new F car ...


Testing the yaris GR Dec 2020

Car of the moment !


Some 2019 Test drives Sept 2019

Fiesta ST, M5, M3 Comp


PORTUGAL 2019 June 2019

19's big road trip



The Cayenne must go !



4 night mini tour to the North Coast 500



Putting the V8 through its paces


HUNTING FOR A 488 September 2018

In search of an Italian V8


Testing the Alpine A110 September 2018

Checking out the long awaited Alpine.


New Lightweight August 2018

Shocking amounts of fun !



Trying out Ferrari's latest V8


PORTUGAL 2018 May 2018

First time to Portugal


AUSTRIA 2017 October 2017

Last Hurrah before Christmas


CROATIA 2017 June 2017

The howl of the big V12 in the mountains



6 month wait for a new Ferrai


The GOLF R November 2016

Daily smoke from VW






ODE TO 2 GREAT CARS October 2016

This years big 11 day tour

SPAIN 2016 October 2016

This years big 11 day tour

2015 SCOTTISH TOUR September 2015

Mini 4 day run to the highlands

2015 MONTRACHET TOUR July 2015

2500 miles in France and Spain - one of the best road trips yet

M003 complete  July 2015

Complete (for now)

M003 part 2  July 2015

Almost there !!

Shopping 2014 November 2014

Impromptu shopping, a rollercoaster magical mystery tour whose destination could never have been forecasted.

2014 Ultravox Tour to VIENNA June 2014

Almost 3000 miles to Vienna and back, our major 911 road trip of 2014.

M003 ?  May 2014

The 993 ... a never ending project !

35000 MILES 3500 HORSE  Jan 2014

A 6 minute motion spectacular. Our 2013 European road trip all captured on film .. the Pyrnees to Monaco, Florence, the Dolomites and the best of Austria.

GT3 vs. 993 (RS)  Aug 2013

An honest comparison of the GT3 vs. the RS rep

911uk 2013 Tour to Italy  June 2013

4007 incredible miles across Europe in the Gt3 .... France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium

GT3 mini detail  March 2013

Getting the '3' protected.

"SHOPPING 2013"  February 2013

There's a new baby in the stable !!!

"Lotus EXIGE V6"  Jan 2013

The wait is over - time to drive the new Exige V6 and the hype is indeed all justified.

"Well that was 2012"  Dec 2012

Alpine & Skye porsche tours ... the Movie !

2012 Scottish Tour to SKYE  Dec 2012

Nine porsches this time ... in Scotland. We couldn't wait any longer !

Ride and Handling Summary 2012  July 2012

After many many mods, an appraisal of the cars ride and handling. I think I'm finally there.

Removing the engine sound deadening  July 2012

More noise, less weight.

2012 911uk Porsche Alpine Road trip  July 2012

2012 road trip .... eight porsche 911's across the best roads in Europe

Cayenne COILS  Dec 2011

Fitting new coils and plugs to your Cayenne

RS steering wheel  Dec 2011

Not as simple as it looks

Cayenne Cruise retrofit  Nov 2011

Fitting cruise control to your Cayenne on the cheap

SHOPPING 2011  Updated October 2011

Final decision time



The BIG REAR END MAKEOVER   September 2011,never say to yourself "whilst i'm down there " !!!

RS TOP MOUNTS + Strut Brace   article complete

The final piece of the RS suspension jigsaw.

COSMETIC RESTORATION  article complete

A good chance to clean, powder coat, grit blast, polish, electroplate, refresh, renew, paint and wash eveything in sight !

Chain Cover Gaskets & washers   article complete

Fitting new gaskets and screws/washers to help keep those leaks at bay. A huge job but a doddle if the rear is already stripped.

RS+ rear Suspension   article complete

A big upgrade I have been planning for some time now. RS rear suspension arms and solid subframe mounts and a cosmetic refurbish of the suspension cage and arms along the way.

AC delete   UPDATED 13th September

Removing the major air conditioning components

RS engine carrier  article complete

With the rear bumper and catalyst off, now's a good time to install the strengthened RS engine carrier.

Rear Chassis Corrosion !  article complete

If you haven't checked it ... do so soon !.

CAT BYPASS PIPES   article complete

Time for some music. This is also a DIY for rear bumper supports, engine carrier upgrades or anything that requires the removal of the rear PU and bumper. PART 1 up now.



SummerSpruce  July 2011

A few niggles, cosmetics and an oil change.

SHOPPING 2011  Updated June 2011

Audi time

SHOPPING 2011  Updated May 2011

More Hunting

2011 993 DIARY online  April 2011

2011 diary now online

Bonnet Badge repair  April 2011

busted pin on my badge

SHOPPING 2011  March 2011

Beginning the search for a new addition

Bilstein PSS10  March 2011

A change of Suspension to suit an increasingly RS'd 993

RS M002 AERO   August 2010, fitting RS aero bodykit

M002 Aero kit  

What's in the box


Fitting the Side Skirts  

Fitting the RS side skirts


RS spoiler  

rear spoiler


RS speedlines  June 2010

RS speedlines have arrived

RS anti roll bars  May 2010

fitting RS front and rear anti roll bars

RS 'Goldenrod' shifting rod  May 2010

fitting a solid RS style shoft rod

CLIO 172  April 2010

cheap spare car ... but amazing fun

RS Brakes  April 2010

RS front and rear calipers and discs.. relevant to all 993 caliper, disc and pad changes.

993 Spark Plug lead replace  April 2010

Renewing all 16 plug leads and the 2 coil ot distributor leads.

993 BUYERS GUIDE  April 2010

Comprehensive guide to the model range, inspecting and common problems.


This simple modification made a HUGE and startling difference to the car.


leaking shift shaft seal, a simple 30 minute DIY

THE BIG 60k   March 2010, an exhaustive 24k+30k+60k service

the big 60k overview  

Overview of the servicing schedule, what I did and how much it cost



Gear oil change  

Gearbox Oil change



oil change and all filters  

Oil and filter change, air filter, pollen filter and fuel filter.



spark plugs   March 2010

Part of an exhaustive 24k+30k+60k service - spark plugs

dizzy cap & rotors  

Inspecting the distributor caps and rotors.



isv valve   March 2010

Cleaning the Idle Stabiliser Valve

RS UPRIGHTS AND EVO TIE RODS  updated   January 2010

Upgrading the 993 steering and eliminating the bumpsteer. Part 1 & 2 with video

968cs DRIVING IMPRESSIONS   December 2009

Finally get around to describing the 968cs.

FOR SALE   December 2009

The 968 clubsport M030 is up for sale


968 Autumn Mods   September 2009

single mass flywheel, rim refurb, new tyres, cam timing and a decat pipe

993 ALUMINIUM VALVE COVERS   September 2009

one of the principal 993 weaknesses dealt with

replacing the OEM covers with some nice shiny ones that won't leak

993 chain cover leaks   August 2009

oil weeps with 5w40 oil

993 broken window lifter   August 2009

replacing a rusted through window lifter arm

993 headlight guide repair   August 2009

simple but nasty

993 costs   August 2009

if you can do your own spannering then here's what it'll cost

Trying 17" rims   August 2009

Further investigation in the pursuit of the perfect road setup

993 A arm bushes   August 2009

Poly bushes fitted to 993 front wishbones

993 RS quick shift and shift rod mod   May 2009UPDATED

RS quick shift fitted and shift rod modified

993 First Impressions   May 2009

Suspension finished & dialled .. my first proper drive

993 DIARY   May 2009

upgrades, mods and maintenance ... a 993 blog

993 DETAIL   May 2009

protection and preventative detail


fitting new KW variant 3 and inspecting the complete front and rear suspension

THE 968 GETS A FRIEND    April 2009

my journey finding a new stablemate

968cs - ENGINE DETAIL    Jan 2009

ongoing engine cleanup and detail

BEST OF THE 1990's    Dec 2008

videos from the 1990s.. a few gems here
McLaren F1
Porsche 993 Turbo
esprit S4
esprit V8


Its on my shortlist for the next purchase. A rare car, rare to see pictures, very unlikely to ever see one in the flesh

968cs - CAM INSPECTION    Dec 2008

part of my winter repairs and mods... inspecting the camshafts, engine cleanup and cosmetic improvement and injector cleaning

968cs - Brake Upgrades    Nov 2008

Big reds, Big blacks and medium blacks

968cs - PLATE LIFT & CALIPER REFURB    Nov 2008

part of my winter repairs and mods... inspecting the brakes and refurbishing

GUESS THE CAR    July 2008

a much-needed return to proper motor cars ... what is it and why ?





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